In this short article, you will find a list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Most of them you will never use, but some of them are really useful and others just make you look cool while using them in front of your friends or colleagues. So it’s definitely worth remembering at least some of them.

For example, you can go through Youtube video, frame by frame, by using , and . while the video is paused.

Also, if you ever forget shortcuts, you can open a shortcut list by pressing Shift + ?.

For more shortcuts, keep reading!

Standard keyboard shortcuts


Spacebar Play / Pause when the seek bar is selected
K Play / Pause
M Mute / Unmute
/ keyboard arrows Seek backward / forward 5 seconds when the seek bar is selected
J Seek backward 10 seconds
L Seek forward 10 seconds
, Skip to the next frame, when the video is paused
. Skip to the previous frame, when the video is paused
> Speed up the video
< Slow down the video
Home Skip to the beginning of the video
End Skip to the end of the video
/ keyboard arrows Increase / Decrease volume by 5% when the seek bar is selected
Numbers 0 to 9 (above letters) Seek to 0% to 90% of the video.
/ Lets you type in the search box
F Enter / Exit fullscreen
T Enter / Exit Theater mode
I Enter / Exit the Miniplayer
C Show / Hide closed captions or subtitles (if available)
Shift + N Move to the next video in the playlist, or to next suggested video
Shift + P Move to the previous video in the playlist
Shift + ? Shows / Hides the list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts

Multimedia keyboard shortcuts

Play / Pause Media key Play / Pause the video
Next Track Media key Moves to the next video in the playlist, or to the next suggested video
Stop Media key Stops the video


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reallyqq · May 7, 2020 at 10:04 pm

Wow.. some of the shortcuts even I myself haven’t knew..

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