Sorry but this is not a review, this is a rant. And oh will I rant in this one. I will be talking about the bad and the worse of this game.

First, let me introduce myself as a PC gamer. I am a PC gamer with a friend who hates PCs and buys all the consoles. She is the only reason why I try PS games recently. I go to her house for an exclusive and play it. We have fun and make fun of each other when we mess up. The Last of Us is her favourite game.

Now that that introduction was made, let me tell you something more. Her father has a very sick heart and she always said that he is her hero as much as Joel is Ellie’s. After this game, she started hating the developer.

So why would she hate the developers? Naughty Dog made a good continuation to Joel’s and Ellie’s story, right?

Except… They killed and spat on Joel in the first hour of the game. Painted him like a stupid character, deleted his paranoia of not trusting anyone, and made Ellie a disgrace.

Now, these two sentences might seem weird but let me explain.

The first game Joel

Joel Miller was the main protagonist of the first game. We meet him at the beginning of the first game as a single father in his late twenties. When the initial Cordyceps outbreak occurred we see him fleeing with his brother Tommy and his twelve-year-old daughter Sarah. They got involved in a firefight with a soldier, and Sarah was mortally wounded and died in his arms, leaving him traumatized.

For 20 years after that, he does all he can to survive, still plagued with all that has happened. In the time spent in the brutal post-apocalyptic world, Joel became a hardened survivor, physically and mentally tough. He has a brutal fighting style and is capable of taking on and defeating much younger men in hand-to-hand combat.

Joel works as a smuggler in the Boston quarantine zone with his friend and partner Tess. While out searching for a former accomplice who stole some of their merchandise, Joel and Tess are tasked by Marlene, a leader of a rebel militia called the Fireflies, to smuggle Ellie to a rendezvous point at the Massachusetts State House.

Joel is initially indifferent towards Ellie, though he begins to warm up to her as their journey continues.

This is the reason my friend loved the character of Joel. He reminds her of her dad who is fighting every day to stay alive for himself and his family.

Even with all this warming up to Ellie and starting to enjoy his life with his adopted daughter, Joel was a cautious man. He never told his name to strangers, because after saving Ellie he became a wanted man. Stepping on the toes of Fireflies he knew that he needed to keep on the down-low.

Second game Joel

Remember how I said that Joel is a cautious, strong man. Yeah, forget that.

joel miller

“He’s mad, she’s mad, big sad”

Joel stops being cautious in this one. He gives his name out willy nilly. Joel forgets his fighting skills. He is not the same man he was. He is not tortured by Ellie not being close to him, he is not haunted by the death of his daughter. Even if we find that picture of him and his daughter in the house, he never seems as if he even remembers what happened to him.

He doesn’t act like a man who is haunted by his past anymore. So he is past that point, right?

Well no. He remembers Ellie when the plot needs it. He gets brutally shot in his right leg, tortured and killed by Abby, and spat on by Abby’s love. That all happened because his character was deleted. Even in the end, it looks like Ellie hates him.

So I decided to question this

Why would Naughty Dog destroy their best-made character?

Well, there are multiple videos where Neil Druckmann says he thinks his games are sexist and that he wants women to be stronger. So his answer to doing that. Make Joel weak and make a transgender person high on steroids bash his skull in.

I don’t care that there is LGBTQ representation. I care that that’s all this person Abby is. Well no, that’s not all. Abby is a monster.

I could not play properly. Abby looks and plays like an OP character. I was praising Abby before she decided that killing Joel is a fun activity, oh and also that disgusting unsafe sex scene… YAIKS!

Main point

My main point, tho. Joel was a stepping stone character. He was always there for Ellie, he helped her, killed everyone who wanted to kill her. So Ellie should do the same.

Except she did not. It is exactly like Ellie’s character to save as many people as she can, but she is set up to be vindictive after Joel’s death. She is shown to have become Joel. She was shown to be the same way Joel was when his daughter got killed. But she stops herself because she can’t forgive Joel. For what? The things she has forgiven him in the OG game?

This doesn’t make any sense and this is the bad part of the game.

The worst part

Neil Druckmann… Get him away from Naughty Dog.

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Reallyqq1and2 · July 18, 2020 at 7:07 pm

Interesting review .. I MEAN rant.
I only watched the part 2, and I actually believed that the Joel will have a comeback and murder their whole community as some kind of monster with a leg, beaten skull(was it shot? I can’t remember), and the rage of a wild beast. Nope – farts of that happened..
Joel looked like a monster that when got pushed over the edge would become Rambo or something.. nope.

I am saddened by your friend’s disappointment :(.
Thank you for the review, I enjoyed reading it.

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