From developers of Fran Bow, Killmonday Games comes a new game. Little Misfortune is an adventure game/interactive story. There are a lot of things to talk about, but we are going to focus on the best and worst things.


The main character is Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, an imaginative 8-year-old. A kid with a dysfunctional family. Misfortune’s parents had a shotgun wedding, her mother is a drunk, and her father is never home.

One day she gets a visit by a Voice and that is how our adventure starts.

The Voice makes us play a game so that we can get the Eternal Happiness to the mother.

The game seems innocent, but, things are not as they seem. We find out that Misfortune can see ghosts, she can talk to them and that there is a fox Benjamin, who Misfortune is somehow connected to.

Misfortune is somehow a special kid, different from all, and your job is to help her finish the game made by the voice and to bring her to Eternal Happiness. There are, sort of, two different endings to the story, and multiple questions left unanswered.


For this game, you do not need a mouse, and only keys useful on your keyboard are W, A, S, D, F, SHIFT and SPACE. The way you play the game is by choosing the best option given to you by the Voice.

W, A, S, D are used for walking and exploring, in combination with the shift you can get Misfortune to run. F is a special button that lets you throw glitter on everything that can be interacted with it.

There are questions that you answer truthfully, but you can lie, although you do not know what is truth and what isn’t.

Do not expect this game to be the horror puzzle game that Fran Bow was. There is an underlying horror element that appears in the game a few times, but it is just a secondary focus. It could have been much more, as it does not affect the gameplay as hard as horror elements of Fran Bow did.

There are a couple of fun mini-games, and they are useful to the story, but some of the things that seem like mini-games and could have been introduced like that, are just part of the background.

All in all, the game has crude language, good music, an amazing voiceover, and even if it might not be a spiritual successor to Fran Bow, it is another good creepy game, made by Killmonday Games.

If you enjoy heavily story-driven games that you can finish in half a day, I recommend Little Misfortune.

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