With the New Year out the way and with January not having that many epic game releases we decided to test some indie games. So the very first review of 2020 is an indie platformer game called Deep the Game. This is a free to play game on Steam so you can play along with us.


Deep the Game is a fast-paced platformer. The goal of the game is to get to that one specific place to continue to the next. You get it? No? Okay.

You play as an explorer. You explored a cave and found yourself in the most epic cave system ever. The caves are full of gold and treasure, but also enemies.


Deep The Game meni


The weapon at your disposal is a bow and arrows. The platformer uses the usual platformer controls; arrow keys, X for weapon and C to dodge enemies or curl in a ball. You jump using the up arrow key, and are even able to climb the sides of rocks and walls.


how the caves look


There are 3 difficulties that you can play. Easy, normal and hard.


three difficulties


Each difficulty comes with its own challenges, but also rewards. If you want more gold and treasure, yeah play on the hard but be wary of enemies. If you don’t want enemies, yes play on easy, but do not expect a lot of coin and goodies.

While playing and figuring out where to go and what to do in the level, you are collecting special treasure chests. These give you amazing gifts. Like hats and skins for your character.


golden loot chest


The game is fun and a bit of a faster paced platformer with good music and cute graphics. For a game set in caves it has enough vibrant colour to set it apart.


Deep the Game is a fun indie experience, even if it makes you rage it does make up for it with other aspects. If you do enjoy playing platformers, if you love freebies, and if you want to try something new, this is the right game to start your 2020 gaming warm-up.

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